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ID #5119 – January 12, 2016 WWWINTER

woolllaa fourviceX scarf wwwinter

WWWinter – Second edition by

WWWinter is a Collaboration of VVC ( from Berlin. They invited 16 Artists and Designers from all over the world to design one scarf each.

List of Designers:
HORT / After School Club , Eike König, Designbüro Frankfurt Tim Heiler Alexander Lis, Zipeng Zhu, Erik Brandt,, Dante Carlos, Denis Y?lmaz, Peter Bilak, Ceyhun Güney, Uwe Bermeitinger, Tanawat Sakdawisarak, Roosje Klap, Sarp Sozdinler , Studio Sarp Sozdinler , Edition Taube, Tilman Schlevogt , Nik Kosmas, Pam Tietze, H0les), Roxanne Farahmand and Callum Copley.

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ID #4684 – February 20, 2014 fourfiveX products on Sale in Japan


Our bag and scarf in the webshop.
Get them while they are hot. Thanks to Massage for making it possible.

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ID #4643 – January 29, 2014 Textile Patterns

IMG_6850 2    IMG_6857 2    IMG_6862 2

Designed for and produced by Massage Thank you!

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ID #4623 – January 13, 2014


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ID #4510 – September 14, 2013 Textured Moire


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ID #4006 – July 27, 2012 Creative Research T-Shirt


Here’s the latest product we did in collaboration with the amazing boys from Catalogue (Leeds).

Please check out the page, like and order a shirt as long as it’s still summer.

Thanks to our members Jan and Simon for their help with the pictures and video.

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ID #3400 – June 9, 2011 colour matching system


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ID #3063 – January 3, 2011 wood cactaceae


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ID #2946 – November 20, 2010 this doesn’t mean much, really

nothing really

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ID #1273 – September 27, 2009 digital printing at spreadshirt

digital printing deffinitiondigital printing shirt

conceptual shirt made in digital print at with the description of digital printing found at the same website printed to it.

find it at the fourfiveX spreadshirt shop

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ID #1270 – September 25, 2009 summer memories

summer memories

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ID #1218 – September 13, 2009 my art is better: artist shirt \ drawing \ drawing process

my art is better t-shirt   my art is better drawing   my art is better drawing process
Drawings with Tina, Caro and Elli.

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