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ID #2517 – June 15, 2010 performances at Camberwell College of the Art London // i like you // i am sorry //


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ID #2158 – April 15, 2010 Insight into Qompendium

This short film was intended to give the audience an insight into Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1.

Short film exclusively created for Mudam, 2010
Creative Direction, Narration by Kimberly Lloyd
Editing by Samuel Bänziger at Studio Reizundrisiko

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ID #1991 – March 21, 2010 Stilleben auf Waschmaschine (im Schleudergang)

Tim Heiler and Sheila Laub for

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ID #1988 – March 20, 2010 Rehberger Pattern (at Tobias Rehberger exhibition opening, Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main)

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ID #1950 – March 15, 2010 open research \\ facebook groups with resources and inspiration \\ updated may 2011

Within the last months, we have been busy creating various
outputs for gathering resources in facebook groups:

Triangular / Wunderbar

The society for the protection, welfare and world domination of TRIANGLES
— Any Contribution concerning TRIANGLES are welcome.
— This should become the largest community for our 3 cornered friends on earth.

alphabet research group alphabet research group
focuses on researching the forms and appearances
of letters, symbols and the alphabet.

experimental photography experimental photography
is about modern photography and its possibilities.

experimental typography experimental typography
features modern typography and design with a typographic edge.

All groups are open for everyone to contribute their knowledge,
comments, links and projects, so feel free to join.

Of course, you need to have a facebook account to contribute.
If you don’t want to sign up, you can acess the group content anyways.

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ID #1888 – February 27, 2010 Radical Conceptual Line – MMK Frankfurt am Main (15 x 10sec)

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ID #1876 – February 23, 2010 Sketchbook – Colour


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ID #1836 – February 17, 2010 airplane

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ID #1457 – November 18, 2009 “My Art Is Better” installation views

exhibition wall

video    stuff corner    left

papers flyers coffee

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ID #1451 – November 17, 2009 “My Art Is Better” gold room

gold room (45X group portrait)   gold room after exhibition

The gold room masking a rather ugly corridor leading to the exhibition room.
The lamp, balloon and gold foil didn’t quite survive the opening, so we called it a “work in regress”.

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ID #1447 – November 16, 2009 “My Art Is Better” exhibition exterior (day/night)

exterior.jpg   exterior_night

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ID #1417 – November 3, 2009 Ausstellung \ Exhibition: Zweieinhalb Tage mit fourfiveX und Freunden: 12.–14.November



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