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ID #1894 – March 1, 2010 research \\ collected everyday objects made from gold

bic pen cap by daniel eatock   gold staples by oooms   skimming stones by dominic wilcox   magic beans by Botis Razvan

bic pen cap by daniel eatock, staples (gold plated) by oooms, skimming stones by dominic wilcox and (magic) beans by botis razvan.

bic pen cap by big-game   earplugs by big-game   price-tag by big-game   bic lighter by big-game   push-pin by big-game   watch by big-game

“New Rich” project (bic pen, headphone, price-tag, lighter, push-pin, watch) by big-game.

gold badge by fourfiveX

1-Inch gold badge by fourfiveX & Nadja Naber (available through

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ID #1351 – October 16, 2009 1inch solid 750 gold badge (the material is the message)

750 gold badge

Replicating the cheapest possible youngster jewelery – the 1inch badge – from one of the most valuable materials available: Solid Gold.

Since badges usually carry a message or some kind of visual representation, the badge carries its alloy stamp right on the front.

With Nadja Naber

available in both gold and silver though

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ID #1326 – October 11, 2009 “like” button (alex likes it)

alex likes the like badge

I recently dicovered the “fb_like” function in facebook, transfered to real life (edition of 50).

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ID #1287 – September 30, 2009 925 solid silver badge

1 inch solid silver badge   1 inch solid silver badge backside

next step after this will be the 750 solid gold badge…

With Nadja Naber

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ID #838 – June 11, 2009 button tests

All tests: usual steel button, several kinds of sheet silver, different ways of preparation
trying to put sheet silver in a usual badge machine… with various results (left is a standart steel part for reference)

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